The whole spectrum

Synect provide a range of services, and our customers can choose to use all the services in a total end-to-end solution or utilise only one or a few services to complement their own skilled personnel.

Project Management

Project Management services ensure projects are effectively managed and controlled, our customers are kept well informed, and schedules and budgets are planned and executed in a timely fashion.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture services design the software infrastructure to ensure the new system effectively uses technology to deliver desired functionality. We utilise open and extendable technology wherever possible.

Analysis and Design

Analysis and Design services work closely with our customers to gain insight into their business and processes. This ensures the new system is innovative, well designed, and contains appropriate functionality to complement, improve or replace existing systems or processes.


Development services build the custom solution using the most appropriate database, server platform and development tools.


Hosting services enable us to best support our customers' applications by hosting the application on one of our servers, hosted in a secure offsite location with 24-hour access.