SynectWeb allows fast and easy access to create and maintain HTML and JavaScript based web content.

The tool allows users to view and maintain their web pages on Synect's staging environment before publishing to a production server.

The tool has the following features:

  • Use of templates, enables fast updates to many pages. Make the change in the template and all pages based on the template will contain the change. Templates enable all pages to have a consistent look and feel and navigation capabilities.
  • Ability to upload documents and images to the staging server which will be published to the production server at the same time as the HTML pages, ensuring all appropriate components are published at the same time.
  • Ability to create reusable content which can be displayed on multiple pages.
  • Complete site history. A revision is kept for every change to every page or template.

If you do not have any in-house HTML skills Synect will be happy to assist in updating your site with your content changes.

Our biggest customer of this tool is Adelaide Bank. This tool is used to maintain the mostly static content of their website.
And of course we use this tool ourselves to maintain this site!